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The Chamber's "Business After Hours" refers to our events scheduled after the business work day. These events are usually in the evening, are sponsored by Chamber members and include refreshments and many different types of activities.

Any Chamber member is welcome to attend these events. Please check our Events Calendar for an list of upcoming Business After Hours.

Take advantage of what the Chamber has to offer!
Business After Hours is not really a Social program, but a business "meeting" that requires a certain degree of calculation and planning to achieve maximum results -- both for you and for the Chamber.

Some planning hints include the following:

1. ATTITUDE is the key, you must be friendly and outgoing;
2. SET A GOAL for the number of new contacts (or business cards) you will collect by the end of the day;
3. REHEARSE a quick, eight to ten word description of your business and keep your business cards handy, loose in your pocket;
4. BRIEF CHATS, not an hour-long sales call, should be utilized. If someone is interested, take their business card and promise to call them the next day;
5. UTILIZE FOOD & BEVERAGE LINES, they are a good place to begin a conversation. Don't count on getting situated and then start to engage people;
6. GET OTHERS FROM YOUR FIRM to attend so that you can achieve maximum exposure with others in attendance.

If you would like to host a Business After Hours, please contact the Chamber today to set up your event. (269) 651-5758