A Strong Team Guides Us into Profitable Waters

The Board of Directors for the Sturgis Area Chamber of Commerce is made up of business people from our community. They have the best interests in mind for all our area businesses, because as the old saying goes, “a rising tide lifts all boats.”

President Tom Bontrager, Locey CPA

First Vice President Melissa Noel, Burr Oak Tool Inc.

2nd Vice President Jennifer Yesh, St. Joseph County CTE

Past President Bret Hamlin, Sturgis Academy of Martial Arts

Treasurer Art Ebert, Sturgis Public Schools

Board Member Kim Haller, Olive Fresh

Board Member Lynn Page, Michigan Works! Southwest

Board Member Barry Lindblom, Meyers Automotive Service

Board Member Darin Warnecke, St. John’s Ev. Lutheran Church

Board Member Andrew Kuk, City of Sturgis

Board Member Anita Schlabach, Glen Oaks Community College

Board Member Jacob Porter, HaasCaywood P.C.

Board Member Angela Stevens, Revolution Health

Board Member Jason Hyska, Sturgis Bank

Board Member Tom Duke, Swick Broadcasting

Board Member Joe Thompson, Morgan Olson

Ready to Learn More?

If you have questions about Chamber membership, would like to know more about upcoming events, or just need a recommendation for a great restaurant, you’re more than welcome to get in touch!